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Damien Horne is a quadruple threat. He writes, he sings, he dances, and he plays multiple instruments. With a diversely decorated background, Damien lives his life making art and helping people. As a member of Nashville's infamous Muzik Mafia as well as the chart topping country trio The Farm, Damien has worked with many, many artists over the years. If you're not hearing about him from, or seeing him with country superstars Big & Rich, then you're hearing about him from music legend John Legend. If not there, you might catch him on stage with Faith Hill or Three Doors Down. Haven't seen him there? You can see him at the Grand Ole Opry from time to time. Or if you're an American soldier, you may even see him wherever you're stationed. He does it all, and yet still, amid this packed full schedule, you can find this sensational, inspiring soul serving children and people in need across the globe with unending amounts of love and support through organizations like the Salvation Army among many others. In short, he is flat out amazing and somebody we're absolutely thrilled to work with.

Phoenix Mendoza

If 70’s Pop got together with funky Motown and had a bluesy soul child, his name would be Phoenix Mendoza. With a unique guitar playing style and a seductively silk-like voice, Phoenix’s mere presence commands your utmost attention. Combine that with his amazing songwriting capabilities and his patient ear for finding the deepest grooves in anything he hears, and you have all the makings of a superstar.

Wax Jelly™

The mysterious and faceless group that we can't exactly tell you about. You can catch a glimpse of their work while visiting Universal Theme Parks.